NZMPA Conference

The New Zealand Maritime Association organises a conference every two years in step with conferences organised by the Australian Marine Pilots’ Institute.

Professional development

NZMPA conferences bring pilots and industry leaders from around the world to New Zealand to engage in seminars and workshops.

In the past six years NZMPA hosted conferences have been the catalyst for significant change in the global piloting industry and the Association has gained a global reputation for being at the leading edge in the development of good pilotage practice.

All current NZMPA members will be nofified about the 2024 Conference. We look forward to seeing you there!



The 2024 NZMPA Conference

17– 20 September 2024 • Christchurch Town Hall

The 2024 NZMPA Conference will be held at Christchurch Town Hall Tue 17th – Fri 20th September 2024.

Details for the conference themes, registration and speakers will follow via our newsfeed.