About the NZMPA

The New Zealand Maritime Pilots’ Association

The New Zealand Maritime Pilots’ Association (NZMPA) was formed in 1986.

We are a non-profit Incorporated Society in line with the NZ Incorporated Societies Act 2022, comprising marine pilots and pilot exempt Masters from New Zealand and associate marine pilot members from overseas. We are not a trade union.

Our objectives

Through collaborative engagement with members and stakeholders we commit to:

  • Fostering, developing and promoting a continuously improving safety culture in marine pilotage.
  • Continuous improvement of safety and standards in marine pilotage.
  • Promoting best practice in marine pilotage, pilot training and professional development.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and human science pertaining to marine pilotage.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing with all key stakeholders and organisations.
  • Actively supporting the International Maritime Pilots’ Association in its role as a consultative member of the International Maritime Organisation.

The Role of the Association

In the pursuit of our objectives, we collaborate and consult with:

  • Port & Harbour Marine Safety Code signatories (MNZ, Port Companies, Regional Councils)
  • Transport Accident Investigation Commission
  • Land Information New Zealand (NZ national hydrographer)
  • Training institutions
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Shipping companies
  • IMPA & overseas pilot organisations


The Association has two revenue streams:

  • Annual subscription fees for members
  • Stakeholder sponsorship

Revenue is managed by the Executive Committee in pursuit of our objectives.

All financial transactions are recorded by the Treasurer. Annual financial reports for the Association can be accessed via the website.

NZMPA Membership

Be part of an organisation whose objectives focus on continuous improvement and learning.