Representing NZ Pilots Overseas

NZMPA President Paul James and Vice President Matt Conyers recently attended the 26th IMPA Congress in Rotterdam between 21st and 26th April on behalf of NZMPA members. Their remit was to forge ties with other associations and promote the industry leading work being undertaken by NZ pilots and other NZ stakeholders.

The Congress featured a wide range of speakers from IMPA, pilot’s associations, IMO Committees, Non-Government Organisations at IMO (NGO’s), administrations, organisational culture experts, and equipment manufacturers.

Day 4 featured NZMPA VP Matt Conyers who spoke about the growing importance of a mature organisational culture when analysing voyage data from pilotage operations.

IMPA Congress

Some of the key areas covered over the 4 days of presentations were:

  • Interpretation of the Marpol VI amendments regarding the use of engine power limiters and what options there are available to port states and pilotage providers to ensure safe navigation under pilotage.
  • New technologies – including progress towards the implementation of the S-100 series of standards for ENC’s and progress towards the new VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), also known as AIS 2.0.
  • Organisational Culture – how to create a psychologically safe workplace culture, how to design and implement D&I policies, and how to write clear and effective operational procedures.

The Congress was a great success. You can see photographs and a summary of the presentations at IMPA’s website.

Our June edition of the NZ Pilot will include updates on the effects of the Marpol VI amendments, an article describing AIS 2.0, and an article defining psychological safety.

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