Our objectives are:

1 – To promote the professional and technical interests of New Zealand pilots and pilotage through investigation, information and representation.

2 – To enhance and protect the status of pilots.

3 – To enhance and protect the status of shipmasters wherever they may be associated with pilotage.

4 – To promote and maintain proper standards of performance of pilotage and associated matters of navigation and management.

5 – To review, investigate and report from time to time upon existing pilotage services and upon alternative systems of pilotage service, administration and operation.

NZMPA Executive

PresidentPaul Jamespresident@nzmpa.org
Vice-PresMatt Conyersvicepresident@nzmpa.org
Exec OfficerPeter WillyamsPeterWillyams@nzmpa.org
Exec OfficerColin SellarsColinSellars@nzmpa.org
Exec OfficerLew Hendersonlewhenderson@nzmpa.org
SecretarySteve Bankssecretary@nzmpa.org
EditorMatt ConyersEditor@nzmpa.org
TreasurerLawrence Clarktreasurer@nzmpa.org
Pilot Exempt Masters LiaisonJames MarinerPEC@nzmpa.org
WebMasterLew Hendersonwebmaster@nzmpa.org