Membership Application

  1. Full Membership:         $350.00 pa. Full Membership is open to all working Pilots in New Zealand. The fee is made up of two components – local membership fees and an IMPA levy. Members joining part way through a year will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Members leaving part way through the year will not receive a refund.
  1. Associate Membership:        $125.00 pa. Associate membership is available to any of the following:-
  • A person having held a pilot’s license in New Zealand that is no longer current
  • A person holding or who has previously held a pilotage exemption license in New Zealand.
  • A person currently holding and using a pilotage license outside New Zealand territorial waters whose qualification is equivalent to that required by New Zealand Maritime Rule – Part
  • Corporate membership to any one person who represents a society, company, association or organisation approved by the Executive.
  1. Subscription Payment:         Payments can be made into the NZMPA account, please include your name in the reference field and follow up with an email so I can look out for it. If you want to pay by cheque contact the treasurer.
  1. NZMPA Constitution

Subscriptions for each year are due on the 20th April.
Could all members also please update their personal details with any changes for our records.