The New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association (NZMPA) Mobile App is primarily an information-sharing tool to help improve communications and enhance maritime safety.

A key feature of the app is the event reporting tool.


Event Reporting

The event reporting tool allows pilots to quickly report safety observations, compliance issues, or incidents they may have experienced with a vessel. The tool then shares this information with other pilots, harbourmasters, port companies, MNZ, or CHIRP as selected by the reporting pilot.

The NZMPA encourages all pilots to routinely report all safety observations, compliance issues, and incidents. Using the reporting tool does not relieve pilots of their statutory obligations to report notifiable incidents, as required by the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

Information resources and guides

The NZMPA App also contains a variety of useful information resources and guidelines regarding pilot transfer arrangements for operational reference purposes, including:

  • IMPA Pilot Boarding Poster
  • ISO 799-1:2019
  • IMO Resolution A.1045(27)
  • IMO Resolution A.1108(29)
  • MNZ Advisory Circular 53-2